Writing Mistakes Happen – It’s Important to Learn From Them

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Writing mistakes happen
Writing Mistakes Happen

Mistakes happen but for the most part they are either ignored or forgotten. This is one of the reasons why we are so bad at writing because we are too focused on perfecting our skills instead of exploring and making mistakes. We also assume that our mistakes are not important.

But this is so untrue! Mistakes are crucial because they show that we have the courage to try new things and that we are not afraid to make mistakes. If we didn’t make mistakes, we would never learn. So learn from your mistakes to write better and learn to love them.

First, I’ll tell you about my own. I made my own mistakes that happened by not using my tools readily available to me (Google), I did not research my audience or market, and I did not plan my earlier novels. Nor did I bother to get them edited or peer reviewed! So my career took a massive blow. Don’t make these mistakes if you’re new!

Even in my latest release I fear there may be some mistakes left. But after spending close to 800 hours writing and rewriting it, I feel too cringe to pick it back up. Book two will hopefully be my redemption because I did enjoy writing it. It taught me many things about myself.

Such as: No one was going to come save me, I had to learn that I had to be the one to save myself. To be the villain in someone else’s story is their perception and theirs alone. Sometimes healing your inner child is key to your ultimate healing.

Many things I didn’t realize were lessons until the end of the story. No telling what book two might have in store for me next. So keep writing that lovely story of yours. If not for yourself, then do it for your inner child.

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