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Ghostwriting Services Affordable Rates
Ghostwriting Services

I’ve decided to release my Ghostwriting Services and Rates to the public. I’ve usually kept it on the DL and within my friend circle but many of them insisted I should ‘put it out there’ in order to expand upon my business and try to turn it into a career. Their reasoning was because I offer income-based rates. I’ve always assumed other ghostwriters were doing that already but I guess it’s not something many, if any, do at all.

What Are The Standard Ghostwriting Rates?

Typically, a ghostwriter can charge by the hour or per word. Some do allow a flat rate but I haven’t seen many that do that. You could look to be spending anywhere between $20-$200/hour or $.50-$3/word. To me, that has always seemed like something incredibly expensive. And the cheaper options I’ve come across didn’t offer most of what I offer without some kind of extra, hidden, expense.

Good luck ever trying to pinpoint their prices, too! None, and I mean, NONE post their prices publicly. I’ve never understood that unless they liked switching up their prices on certain individuals. Even if they’re not doing something sketchy like that it’s still sus if you ask me. Because as an author, when money is involved, I crave transparency to know for certain that I am getting the same deal as the next person and not being singled out or targeted for money gougers. Which happens to more authors than you could believe.

Ghostwriting Services and Rates

I’ve linked my rates page to the beginning of this post in case anyone wants to check for themselves and see if they’d qualify. Many always wind up qualifying, so it wouldn’t surprise me to know if a lot of people do. Especially with the way things are going nowadays. The cost of living has gotten out of hand honestly.

As a freelance ghostwriter I have written 3 screenplays, 4 Novellas, and 6 Novels in the last almost 4 years since starting this service. I am to publish as many of my own stories someday but I feel my low cost offers will help more people than I could imagine.

I’ve always had the goal to write. No matter what it was. I want to write. I don’t care about getting my name in lights or fancy recognition. I just have stories to tell and so do a lot of other people. Some of which may not be able to do themselves.

Why Do You Offer Income-based Rates?

The reason I offer a low cost is because I am aware of the fact that single, busy, working parents exist and barely have the time to take care of themselves let alone a novel. And I am aware that some cannot even afford a laptop or Microsoft Word, and others who possibly struggle with a disability that makes it impossible for them to type or write effectively.

And I understand how some people can try and judge those situations, and that’s not cool. Don’t judge people. We all have our own struggles. My service can help those who struggle to realize their dreams in a way that benefits them most.

My goal is to allow as many people as I can the ability to do what almost every big name author does: Hire a Ghostwriter. As of right now, it’s just me. So applications are limited due to only having one set of hands on deck. I won’t deny anyone wanting to jump in on this with me, but writing is my main goal here. Below I will answer a few questions I can think of right now. If you have any that I have not answered, please let me know so that I can be of better assistance. Thank you!

Do You Get Royalties?

  • No! I do not require, nor do I inquire about royalties or recognition. Something can be arranged if that were the case however, depending on income.

How Do I Pay You?

  • I offer two different types of payment methods. I use Stripe and Cashapp. I prefer Stripe due to their protective services they offer for both buyer and seller however.
  • (I’ve tried using PayPal in the past for a friend who inquired about my services and PayPal was a pain in the rear about it)

Is Ghostwriting Ethical?

  • Ghostwriting is ethical. It provides an opportunity to write for those who cannot write for themselves. But it’s truly just a personal opinion.

How is My Work Protected?

  • Works will be run through a plagiarism checker and as the writer I will sign an NDA protecting you completely. So no one will know you hired me unless you wanted to share that information yourself. Otherwise, technically, you wrote the story. It’s yours.

What Do You Need to Know?

  • All I’ll need to know is information (nothing personal or in depth) regarding income to see if you qualify for my rates and just the idea you have for your story. Anything else I will simply ask, or you can provide. Music and book lists that relate to your book are a plus!

Ghostwriting Site(s) Worth Checking Out That Actually Post Their Prices:

  • The Urban Writers—Packages Starting As Low As $2.90/100 Words
  • Will add more as I find them!

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