Are Writers All The Same? (Valuable Lessons Why That’s A Mistake)

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Are writers all the same

Are Writers all the Same?

At the core, I’d like to think we’re all the same. In a sense. We’ve got our ideas, beliefs, problems, solutions, goals, aspirations, our curves and our edges, our inabilities and capabilities. Though we are the same we all have our own splash of combined colors which sets us all apart from one person to the next. And finding someone exactly like us in every conceivable way is impossible. To an extent.

You can say you’re white, blue, red, yellow, black, brown, green, or even a rainbow. But no matter what, we’ll never be as simple or parallel to one another. We’re not blocks. We’re all pieces to a puzzle.

In some cases you’ll see a family where they all nest perfectly within each other with no more room to grow or add upon.

Others, you’ll find an entire set just missing one piece that would bring it all together.

But then in the rare cases, happening more often than not anymore, you’ll find an entire set with a random piece smashed in place to fit a pattern it otherwise does not belong.

Then there’s those who stray along, left behind but never to be missed when the rest of the pieces have all gone away.

Sure puzzle pieces can be replaced, or even recreated…but the ones who do that will always know that piece never belonged. No one ever bothers to build a puzzle around a single piece, and that’s why I use puzzles in this analogy.

Yeah But What About All the Same Repetition?

Repetition is how almost every author gets their start. Because new readers are more likely to pick up a familiar story than a new one. And once they get a feel for the way the author writes that particular kind of stories, then the readers will become more adept at reading something new by the author.

We’re all pieces to a puzzle.

Which one do you belong to? Which pattern will you create?

More importantly, what do your edges look like?

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