NXT A Virtual Reality Like Nothing Before

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NXT A Virtual Reality Book Cover
A Virtual Reality Book Cover


In 2067, NXT treats the mentally ill or traps them. Echo wants to escape this prison but a killer keeps her, and everyone else who doesn’t belong there, trapped within the system.

In a dark future, the entire country collapses beneath its own dogmatic weight and crime takes over. In response, SOGA arose—an organization dedicated to heal, house, and employ those in need in an attempt to rebuild a once faulty system—creating a safe haven known as Solaris.

Echo Turner is the latest patient brought into NXT, and because of her special circumstances, she’s unaware of the programs controversial and terrifying methods. The resets keep her docile and unable to bring forth any change keeping an evil doctors plans well in tact, until the arrival of a new group forces her to remember her past, relive her pain, and confront the dark parts of her mind NXT has since locked away. 


How much is one willing to sacrifice for the sake of freedom?


NXT is a system built using virtual reality as a way to get inside someone’s mind and see what makes them tick. It is often used as a way to “cure” an individual of their past, traumas, and anything else seen as a potential threat.
For fans of the Otherworld, Ready Player One, and Legion series comes a mind-altering, action-packed story of dark realization, betrayal, and ultimate human sacrifice in the name of science.
Clyde Jackson made it his mission to secure the sanctity of humanity once Doctor Wyatt took over his parents’ program. Through many successes, came one difficult case. It wasn’t until later he learned the horrifying truth that was kept from them all.

NXT is about the mind-altering adventure of Echo Turner as she battles for freedom in a near-future world designed for rebuilding one’s sanity. Worse still, it is rather used to psychologically torture, hunt, and prey upon anyone who has entered this inescapable prison. Many don’t survive… Many more won’t…

This is a roller-coaster ride of an exhilarating battle between one’s own memory, and one’s true reality.

“Otherworld” meets “Ready Player One”. This cutting-edge Cyberpunk Thriller is a unique blend of innovative Science Fiction, nail-biting Suspense, and a splash of Mystery. Perfect for fans of ideological concepts, virtual worlds, and near-possible futuristic technologies.

17+ Recommended


Clyde sauntered over to the door and swung it open. Ray followed a foot behind, eyes still on Clyde. Then, the target became clear.

“Hey, Doc,” he announced, catching the distant gaze of many confused onlookers as he formed his fist into gripping a machete. Before the doc had any time left to turn around and respond, Clyde swung the weapon around slicing his head clean off. Where there should have been blood, remained a crystalline trail of error codes spewing out of his body in a worm-like maneuver. He shook the weapon free, kicking the doctors still standing body back a few feet.

“Hey!” Ray shouted.

“Don’t worry,” Clyde assured. “He’s not connected. This is just a version of him. The only one I’m aware of. This is his avatar preprogrammed into the system to keep a balance. He’ll just re-spawn. Besides, you won’t catch a case here. Assault charges don’t pertain to virtual beings. So, you might as well have as much fun as possible while here. Doesn’t hurt any.”

“Unless that bill gets passed like they did with the bots.”

“Didn’t you assault a bot?”

“Not the point!”

“Well, tell that to the Black Hat Society. Small time hackers turned into big time creeps thanks to simulations like these.”

“What do they have to do with anything?”

“They are the ones that own that torture channel.”

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