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Right now I am offering FREE memberships until the release of my ARC titles. Those who sign-up now on DAR Books will get a FREE 6 MONTH PASS (after the purchase of a 6 Month Subscription) to all of the locked content. Reserve your space now with the free membership option.

Checkout These Titles Below:

NXT A Virtual Reality

NXT: A Virtual Reality Dying For Your Sanity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Perfection comes at a cost: one’s own sanity. Forgotten within the Connectome, memories cease to exist…for some. For others, they’ve been altered.

axo: a broken reality dying for your sanity

AXO: A Broken Reality Dying For Your Sanity

Reading Time: 2 minutes For fans of Brave New World, 1984, and the Otherworld Series, comes an innovative near-future thriller in continuation of the horror that is NXT.

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